Date: 18/7/22

Number of
attendees 120

Form filled by:
Hassan Jabbar


As requested from public, especially the parents of the community to have something in place for youngsters to be occupied and learn values in the summer holidays.

Post event comments

Youngsters enjoying a nice summer with various outdoor, indoor activities. Workshops covering anti- social behaviour, bullying and discussions on mental health. Some of the attendees were those who are not in education due to their behaviour. Even they had the chance to learn and understand responsibilities, values, knowing that they have capabilities of having a better and
brighter future. Due to the positive response of the community and youngsters, youth club will now continue throughout the year. Beside this hopefully they will be offered different opportunities and choices for the future. This will happen working alongside with Telford council, career advisors. Getting the right organisations involved like Stronger Safer Communities, Interfaith, YMCA and Telford MIND.

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