Number of
attendees 250

Form filled by:
Hassan Jabbar


On 6th November As-Siraj held its first Mawlid un Nabi gathering to celebrate the Birth of the best of creation, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

This date also marked one year anniversary for As-Siraj Education being launched.

Post event comments

The event was held at Jamia Masjid Gousia in Telford and we had approx 250 attendees from brothers and sisters, a lot of youth had turned up to the gathering as it was specifically organised for them. We had international and national guest reciters and speakers the likes of Imam Muhammad Asim Hussain, Hafiz Ghulam Mustafa Qadri, Hamzah Khan, Khadim Hussain Naqshabandi and many more.

Throughout the event raffle tickets was given to the younger participants and they had a chance to win a drone or a bottle of prime.We want to thank all guest and participants who helped us make this event a success, we hope to hold more events like this in near future.

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