Number of attendees: 150
Under 18: 60
18+: 90


Adults in the community wanted an opportunity to get together, stay active and spend valuable time with their kids in the holidays. Team of As-Siraj Trust thought of holding a cricket tournament on Pakistan Independence Day. Where all communities are invited to participate.

Post event comments

Successful tournament nice to see everyone in one place and enjoying their times together as a community. Team also delivered Q&A, walking around asking watchers and participants from different communities about the history of Pakistan. Announcement was made about keeping the streets safe and telling adults from Telford to be role models for the youngsters by showing them the right way. Had a lot of young adults turn up which gave us the opportunity to approach and speak with them either as a group or 1:1. Some very passionate individuals who were inspired with the work, so they wanted to join and volunteer for events.

Some youngsters were excited upon hearing the youth club As- Siraj are offering on weekly bases and the cricket sessions being offered by Interfaith. We had teams from different cities in the UK and were amazed with what was witnessed.

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