Volleyball Tournament

Date: 9/4/2022

Number of
attendees 400

Form filled by:
Hassan Jabbar


Adults in community were requesting to have an event, so getting everyone
together in Telford from different parts of the UK.

Post event comments

The volleyball tournament was a huge success, uniting communities from across the country. Volleyball, alongside cricket, is a popular sport in Pakistan hence we were able to attract a crowd of over 400 people. It was nice to see the adults enjoying themselves and showing a passion for physical activities. It was also great to see young adults participating and cheering for teams which enlightened the mood and vibe even more. With people coming from many different backgrounds, there was a great unity on display. We had many enquiries about the tournament from the public and many watched until its conclusion. A positive message was shared to everyone about sports and physical activities, encouraging others to also participate. We were requested to get TCAT or any other sports hall available for the community every Sunday, so they can enjoy playing the sports.

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